Town Maps

These are the only maps that are currently available - be aware we are unable to adjust the size 

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  • Wakool Shire Council - Corporate Services
  • : 03 58875007
  • : 03 58875103


Barham Town Map - Central Section (PDF 459KB)

Barham Town Map - Northern Section (PDF 428KB)

Goodnight Village (PDF 333KB)

Koraleigh District (PDF 401KB)

Koraleigh Village (PDF 275KB)

Moulamein Surrounding Area (PDF 393KB)

Moulamein Township (PDF 411KB)

Murray Downs Area (PDF 295KB)

Murray Downs Estate Area (PDF 293KB)

Murray Downs Kidman Reid Area (PDF 261KB)

Tooleybuc Township - Central (PDF 350KB)

Tooleybuc Town - Southern Section (PDF 364KB)

Wakool Surrounding District (PDF 313KB)

Wakool Township (PDF 403KB)